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As of this writing

As of this writing all the news media reports is that fourteen children and a teacher were murdered in school today when the 18 year-old murderer entered with his gun. This is a very American story.

Human children should not live under the specter of gun violence. The constant fear of homicide-in-school is not good for learning, not good for teaching, not good for the heart, the soul, or the spirit. Children are not meant to be frightened all the time.

Unless you have ever done an Active Shooter Drill with children, unless you’re the parent or beloved benefactor to a child, I couldn’t care less about your thoughts today. Unless you have ever done an Active Shooter Drill with children, some of whom get very frightened even though they know it’s “pretend, this time,” then I don’t really care what you think today.

Children are frightened even when the shooting is pretend, and my heart cannot take the pain of what I can know, just from lived experience, lived empathy, of what those students and teachers endured in the shooting today that was not pretend.

And I can do nothing. The Republican Party, the NRA, the loudest Avowed American Conservatives, have all contributed with their votes, their ignorance, their indifference, and their rhetoric to the slaughter of these babies and their teacher. The blood is on the hands of those who serve the Modern Day Republican Neo-Fascist aim. As Arendt recently told me, as all good philosophers and poets have been telling us, Fascism only goes one way: the way of genocide.

All roads lead to genocide, and that’s how America feels today.

And I can do nothing. So I said an extra set of beads. I played my sound bowl fifteen times at the start and conclusion of my meditations. One for each life lost. I let each tone play out to dissipation, and when I engaged in this act, the gravity of today’s tragedy became so much more clear to me. Fifteen souls who were not ready to depart, for it was not God who decided the fate of these children and their teacher, but human, and more specifically man.

Love one another, hooligans.

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