Allison Gruber

An Honest Author Bio:

  Allison Gruber is professionally known as a dynamic writer, educator, and speaker. 


Her debut memoir in essays, You’re Not Edith (George Braziller, Inc.) received praise  from Publishers Weekly, Booklist, NewPages, among others. The book itself was a Lambda Literary Award finalist in Lesbian Nonfiction. Then there was that notable mention from Best American Essays, and what Gruber remembers best from this time is one magic night in New York City when she sat at the Lambdas in front of Hilton Als and was up for an award in the same category as Carrie Brownstein who will always be “of Sleater Kinney” to Gruber, whose youth was saturated in good music like Sleater Kinney


Gruber digresses. She enjoys tributaries of thought. Her work first appeared in Carthage College’s literary publication Centrique and has since appeared in other literary journals, such as The Literary Review


 Once an essay of Gruber’s appeared in an anthology called Windy City Queer: Dispatches from the Third Coast. Another time, an essay of hers appeared in the anthology A Heart Well Traveled. In Author Bios, one writes  “appeared in,” as if our work just apparates onto the pages of anthologies, books, and journals. It does not. Writing is hard work. Gruber is a tenacious motherfucker. 


Her second memoir in essays, Transference (Tolsun Books, Inc.) was completed and edited at the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic in which Gruber was teaching, newly diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Her marriage was falling apart. For these reasons, she forgive Transference its shortcomings and chooses to focus instead on what is good about this text. An early version of Transference was a finalist for Kore Press’ memoir award judged by Cheryl Strayed, of whom Gruber is a fan. The Pandemic made everything weird, even writing. Earlier versions of essays from Transference appeared in decomP magazine, Brevity, and Hippocampus, as well as other journals you may or may not have heard of. 


Always a finalist and seldom a final, Gruber is currently working on a third book that will hopefully, at the very least, be a finalist for something real, real good. She is in search of an agent, so if you are an agent or know an agent seeking clients please feel free to use the email address below . . . 


Gruber used to supplant her writing habit with a teaching habit. She loves classroom teaching. In 2022, after a gnarly divorce, after discovering she needed to take better care of her body, mind, and soul (thanks, cancer! truly), Gruber moved back to the American Midwest, to close family and closer friends, and retired early from teaching. She believes in the youth, and the people, and these days she volunteers her teaching skills to schools and organizations whose missions and philosophies align with her own. 

She also takes on limited, select, clients for tutoring, writing coaching, creative project consulting, proposal writing, and editing. The latter services do come with a fee. If you want to know more about how you can make use of Gruber, shoot her an email at 


You can learn many more formal details of Gruber’s career by looking at this here:


Allison Gruber: Writing Coach

"I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the time and effort that you put into this. You are highly intelligent, creative and a dedicated professional. Thank you for being willing to share all that knowledge and talent with me." - Brandon K (Client) 


"I had the pleasure of having Allison Gruber as an English/Creative writing teacher. I always appreciate and notice when a teacher is able to separate their own biases from their class, and I think now more than ever we could use more educators like her." -- Priscilla B. (Student) 

Gruber is accepting a limited/select number of clients for Writing Coaching, Creative Project Building, and Editing. If interested in finding out more, please contact her at

Allison Gruber: Educator

Allison is accepting a limited, select number of academic clients at this time for tutoring, college admissions essays, reading skills, etc. If you are interested about enrolling your child/yourself in an English/Language Arts based course with Gruber, please reach out to her at